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Davia Ward

CEO, HPC Billing


About Davia Ward

As a Medical Billing professional and CEO of Healthcare Partners Consulting (HPC), Davia Ward provides innovative and essentials services that both alleviate client stress and allow doctors to provide better and more efficient care for their patients. Based in Camden, NC, Davia possesses over 30 years of experience in the medical industry and dedicated her career to helping others simplify the burden of medical billing. Mrs. Ward was also a registered nurse and holds degrees and certifications in Law and Business Administration and Management.

Davia Ward began her esteemed career in the medical industry immediately after high school where she worked as a file clerk for a small town hospital. After working for several years and earning promotions, Davia pursued her Nursing degree and returned to work for that same hospital where she had established roots. It became increasingly apparent on her rounds that patients were more concerned with their bills than with getting healthier due to the overly complicated billing system that had become less user-friendly in recent years.


About HPC Billing

After seeing the stress of patients and doctors consistently increase due to billing issues, Davia Ward decided to change career tracks from nurse to medical billing professional, an area in which she excelled. Regardless of the high-quality care she provided, Davia knew her patients would continue to worry about how their bills would be paid. Some would opt to forego treatment whereas others would be so anxious they would hinder their recovery. In 2007, Davia founded Healthcare Partners Consulting to solve this ongoing medical crisis.

HPC was formed to serve doctors and patients alike so they could concentrate on medicine and becoming healthier. Through her leadership, Davia Ward’s company now provides innovative and technologically advanced medical billing and practice management services that maximize reimbursements at lower costs and provide medical professionals with adequate compensation.

HPC caters to physicians in a broad range of specialties including Psychiatry, Neurology, Dermatology, and Family Practice. HPC has a 100% referral rate due to their world-class reputation, superior knowledge, experience and their unmatched dedication to helping their clients.

When Davia Ward isn’t relieving the burden of stress and transforming the medical billing system, she loves spending time with her family. Her husband is a retired Navy Warrant Officer, and they both enjoy volunteering with non-profits in their community, especially those that benefit fellow veterans. Davia is the Secretary fo the Board of Directors for A Time to Dance USA, which provides military families a way to demonstrate their talents onstage.