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There comes a time in everyone’s life where they begin to feel lost and unmotivated. This type of feeling is normal, but it’s also a sign that outside help might be needed. Sometimes advice from friends and family is not enough and seeking the help of a life coach is the right decision. If you’re wondering if you would benefit from a life coach, here are a few signs that you would:

Lacking Self-Discipline

At any age or time in someone’s life, self-discipline does not always come easy. Holding yourself accountable and doing what needs to be done can be a struggle for a lot of people. If you find that your self-discipline is lacking or you have none whatsoever, seeking out a life-coach can be very helpful. A life coach will teach you the tools you need to hold yourself accountable and teach you proper self-discipline. Staying motivated, keeping on track, and self-sufficiency are all skills every person must know, With the help of a life coach, those skills can be mastered.

Feeling Unmotivated

Much like lacking self-discipline, many people will also tend to feel sick or unmotivated. Everyone has daily tasks and responsibilities that need to be done and are calling for attention. Some people are abler than others to motivate themselves to get their tasks done. For those with a to-do list collecting dust, they could greatly benefit from a life coach. When it comes to feeling down and unmotivated, a life coach will give you advice on how to pick yourself back up and do what needs to be done. They’ll help you identify which tasks take precedence, which can wait, and how to spread them out so you aren’t feeling burnt out or unmotivated to complete everything.

Life is Perfect

This may sound like a strange reason to seek out a life coach, but one of the best times to find a life coach is when things are going very well. If things are going really well in your life, it’s important to keep up the good work and continue doing well. Finding a life coach doesn’t have to be just for overcoming an obstacle or challenge in your life. Life coaches can also help keep everything on track and not anything slip through the cracks. They can help you continue to be successful and keep up the momentum. Even if life seems good and everything is going well, a life coach can help it stay that way.


Our day-to-day lives won’t always be the same. There will be times life will throw a curveball or a new beginning and adjustments will have to be made. This can be graduating from college, moving to a new place, or finding a new job. These transitional periods in life can be a bit daunting and will come with a certain amount of obstacles or challenges. These are the times when you could benefit from having a life coach to help you through it. A life coach can help you adjust to the new routine or schedule, adapt to change, and make a smooth transition. With the help of a life coach, you will remain balanced, focused, and on track with life.