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The back-to-school season is always stressful, whether you are a parent, child, or college student. You may see some spikes in your anxiety during this time of year. Although it may be upsetting, it is normal to feel this way. You aren’t alone if you are worried about the start of this new chapter. If you find yourself unsure of how to cope, the following pieces of advice will help you feel more at peace.

Create a Routine

If you or someone in your life is going back to school, your routine will be shaken up, which is stressful. You can combat this by creating a new routine. Don’t wait until the night before classes begin to launch yourself into a different schedule. Instead, start early and give yourself time to adjust. Wake up with enough time to make yourself a healthy breakfast and get ready for the day without feeling rushed.

Practice Positive Self-Talk

The new school year may leave you feeling like things are out of control, or you are inferior. Remember that this isn’t the case. Don’t let the negative voices inside your head get the best of you. Try replacing them with positive thoughts. Make up a mantra to say to yourself instead. There is no need to talk to yourself negatively– you’re trying your best! Think about it this way: is it something you would say to a friend? If not, there’s no need to tell it to yourself.

Get Some Sleep

The back-to-school season may come with late-night study sessions. Set a goal to avoid these. If you’re a student, start projects earlier if you can. If you’re a parent, ask your kids when projects are due and set aside some time for your kids to work on them in advance. Getting less sleep only adds to your stress.

Keep your work out of your bedroom. You want where you sleep to stay a place of peace. Limit the time that you spend looking at screens before you go to sleep, as the bright lights can keep you awake. Switch to reading instead of scrolling through your phone, and you’ll be able to sleep so much better!

The back-to-school season normally brings stress and boosts anxiety. This doesn’t have to be the case! By reworking your routine, incorporating positive self-talk, and prioritizing your sleep schedule, you’ll be able to reduce the season’s anxiety.