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The novel coronavirus has caused health, emotional and financial hardships. Health measures such as social distancing can lead to isolation, which causes anxiety and stress. Uncertainty and lack of routine only exacerbate the depression and anxiety levels. If stress is not addressed, it could have adverse effects on human health.


Below are tips to help you deal with pandemic related stress and remain optimistic.


Stay Active


One of the effective ways to cope with stress during a pandemic is to adopt healthy habits. Get enough sleep and start your days with exercising. A balanced diet containing minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants protects the body against oxidative stress. Painting, reading, and machining music is also incredibly helpful.


Have A Good Laugh


Humor is a natural stress management and anxiety-relieving tool. A good laugh lowers stress hormones and relieves anxiety hence calming down the body. Besides enhancing mental state, laughing soothes tension, activates stress response, and stimulate organs. During this pandemic, try to have a light moment with your loved ones.


Remember Everyone is Affected


Humans are naturally social beings. Social distancing is has threatened socialization, creating a disconnection between individuals and their loved ones. Look for ways to engage your loved ones to avoid stress. One way is reaching out to friends and family virtually by video chat, email, text, or a phone call.


Create a Routine


When coronavirus virus containment measure confines you at home, you might be tempted to drop your daily routine. However, adopting or sticking to your morning routine helps you develop a positive feeling. Wake up at the same time every day, exercise, take a shower, and meditate. Do not forget to incorporate a healthy breakfast as part of the routine. Although normal routine may be interrupted, you should ensure that critical healthy activities are maintained throughout your daily activities.


Bottom Line


We are leaving in unprecedented time due to the devastating COVID 19 virus. Confinement at home due to social distancing rules can lead to isolation, ultimately exacerbating stress levels. People should focus on adopting healthy practices such as staying active and creating a healthy routine during this period. Bad days do not last forever.