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A friendly workplace is an environment whose rules and guidelines strike a balance to benefit work and family life. Having not to worry about private life, one may not know it, but it helps promote a conducive working atmosphere. Here are three ways that companies can achieve these goals.

1. Establish Six-Months Parental Leave

Incentives like parental leave can ease burdens for many employees. Most parents refrain from parental leave with the fear of facing a reduction in their salaries. You can alleviate their worries by offering paid leave for them to cater to their families’ needs and newly born babies. Aside from providing women prenatal leave, companies can also offer paternal leave to fathers to eliminate gender bias and embrace collective responsibilities.

2. Support Access to Affordable and Quality Childcare

Workers may not show it but might be having a hard time to cater to the expenses of childcare. In addition to this, they might need time to take care of their child/children. As a way that the workplace can offset this, it can establish programs like kids’ daycare. Thus, it creates a mental picture to the employees that they are cared for and valued.

3. Promote Decent Working Conditions

Decent working conditions entail managers leading with empathy. Getting employees’ feedback is a way of promoting favorable working conditions. Find out issues that aim to favor both their private life and work-life. In a way, you will be putting yourself in their shoes and, in turn, come up with an amicable solution that can help them and reduce stress. Also, try to build flexible schedules for your employees.

Release your employees early and allow them to finish their hours at home in the evenings, weekends, and holidays. If your work doesn’t favor working remotely, you can enable your employee’s shift schedules. That way, you will provide a convenient way to focus on raising and spending quality time with their kids.

Another bonus point of ways to create a workplace that is friendly to families is to Promote family-friendly Policies

It means accommodating families and giving them a sense of belonging. Staff should be allowed to bring kids to work if they are off school or pretty young to be left alone. At least, established work day cares would come in handy.

Improving family-friendly tenets will gauge the employees’ morale. Benefit packages like the ones mentioned will keep employees motivated. According to Forbes magazine, it will show how the company cares for them no matter their short or long-term tenure contracts.